From filling an immediate need to long-term succession planning, there are three key ways in which we work with clients.

Immediate Need: Retained Search

Designed to provide a focused search to fill a specific position. We will conduct a custom search managed by no less than two Partners with the most relevant experience for the search. Exclusivity for the period of the search is required along with an upfront retainer. Average search time is 59 days from contract to offer (excluding one standard deviation).

Short-term Need: Feasibility Study

Provides an objective perspective when you are considering promoting an internal candidate, or making a change to management. Within 30 days we will provide you with a list of no less than 15 external candidates for the position in question with summarized background information and our opinion on why their experience would be relevant to the role.

Mid-term Need: The Bench
Ideal for hiring managers expecting growth and/or turnover in the coming quarters. The Bench identifies appropriate talent based on experience, skill, geographic location, and seniority. We will vet candidates to determine if they have the required experience and culturally fit. We will provide a monthly report of 7 to 10 appropriate candidates, including: candidate name, current position, company, and a brief rationale for inclusion.

Jeff’s team understands the challenges of hiring in a start-up environment (timing, stretched resources, evolving culture, etc.) and worked within our constraints to find great additions to our team. Additionally, Jeff’s team has provided invaluable advice on how to effectively build our team and industry best practices. This is why Jeff’s team is Business Insider’s exclusive sales and marketing recruiter.

Julie Hansen – US, CEO Babble (former COO/Publisher, Business Insider)